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What is NetNest?

NetNest is an online home/community, which can be fully customized as you like. You may use it as a BBS, a group's virtual community, an article posting board, or a personal blog, etc.

What is to be found on this site?

This site contains basic information about NetNest, some instances of NetNest, and some resources.

Instances of NetNest

WEN'S Horizon


NetNest version:

Up to now, Wen is the only member of the NetNest Group.

This website contains Wen's blog, traveling experiences, photo albums, recipes, and e-collections.

What can NetNest do?

NetNest currently contains a skin system, a member administration system, an article system, some games and other useful features.

With the skin system, you can design pretty skins for your community. Each member can choose one skin that he likes as the appearance of your community.

The member administration system mainly uses membergroups to manage members, which makes administration of members' privileges convenient and agile. Moreover, in-site friends, in-site short messages, address books are included.

The article system can be used as a plain article posting board, a BBS, a blog, and any other styles of web pages that you can imagine.

For more information, you are recommended to visit some instances of NetNest referred above.

How to get NetNest?

Currently we don't provide free downloading, since we haven't yet written an automated installation program for NetNest. It is also because all NetNest versions are in testing and thus not stable enough to release.

However, after NetNest's stability and security are completely verified, we will develop an end-user-friendly interface and then the free download version will be available.

How to join the development?

Sorry, no opportunities are available now.


PHP Official Website


PHP is one of the best dynamic web scripting languages in the world. Furthermore, it is completely free of charge. Thus, NetNest's development is mainly based on PHP.

You can find PHP scripting processor, PHP documentation, and all other things about PHP in this website.

MySQL Official Website


MySQL is a DBMS with good performance. It is free of charge as well as PHP. Hence, PHP and MySQL are often used together to build a dynamic website.

Although NetNest works only with MySQL currently, it will support more DBMS later.

This website provides MySQL downloading, MySQL documentation, and so on.


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Not only this page, but also NetNest 2.0 comply with W3C Web Standards and have passed the validation of XHTML 1.0 and CSS level 2. Powered by NetNest 2.0, WEN'S Horizon is an example of the compliancy.


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